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Google Get ready for Google LIVE maps

Search giant buys satellite maker Skybox Imaging for £325 million ($500 million). Firm can capture live HD video of Earth where planes and cars can be seen moving - which many dubbed at the time as being 'like live Google maps'.
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Google Google’s look, evolved

Google has changed a lot over the past 17 years, from the range of their products to the evolution of their look and feel. And they're changing things up once again.
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Digital Amnesia Digital Amnesia at work

You urgently need to get a message to the office or the customer but have lost access to the data on your phone. What do you do?
If the answer is “nothing”, because you can’t recall the numbers, you are not alone.
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Hitachi Capital Business Finance It’s ‘Business as Usual’ as SMEs experience a ‘Lull’ in confidence

With the UK economy picking up speed and consumer confidence on the rise, the latest research from Hitachi Capital Business Finance’s quarterly British Business Barometer suggests this confidence may not be mirrored in the business world.
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David Absolon, Investment Director, Heartwood Group Developed economy fundamentals remain supportive despite the market noise

In periods of extreme volatility within asset markets, it is hugely important to take a step back from the noise and return to the fundamental backdrop.
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Neil Williams Chief Economist Hermes (Investment Management) China, Greece and that first US rate hike - not like 1994...

Despite the China-inspired plunge in equities, concerns about Greece, and imminence of the US Fed’s first rate hike since June 2006, global growth should not be derailed. But, it needs China to act.
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Zenium Disruption ahead for data centre sector

Data centre pioneers Zenium release research findings which strengthen the argument that cloud computing will continue to be a disruptive force in the data centre sector in 2016.
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Prudential Over 55’s are planning more than three million future property deals

Nearly two in five homeowners (37 per cent) over the age of 55 are planning at least one more property purchase in their lives, according to new research by Prudential.
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Barclays Business (UK staycation) Rise of the UK staycation economy

A thriving staycation economy is boosting small businesses around the country according to a new survey from Barclays Business, with more than three quarters of UK adults (77%) that have been on, or are planning a UK staycation.
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Emotional Resilience | Geetu Bharwaney Warming up to emotion is key to corporate competitive edge

Stress and uncertainty at work are creating a generation of ‘iceberg employees’ whose emotions are so suppressed that they
struggle to interact effectively with colleagues and customers.

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